Grooming rates are totally dependent on the shape, temperament of the pet, and what you'd like done and how much your pet will let us do. Boarding rates are charged day in and out and the rates are as follows: 0 - 49 lbs = $9.75 per day 50 = 99 lbs = $10.75 per day 100 lbs and up = $12.25 per day. Cats = $8.00 per day / we supply all cat litter/food/etc... Everything here is heated and air conditioned, kept around 70 degrees all year round. Pets are exercised 3 times daily (usually around 6am, noon, 6pm. We have 18 fenced in exercise runs (11 runs are 8' x 20', 4 runs are 10' x 42', and 3 runs are 10' x 18'). All pets are kept separate inside or outside, unless they have been here for awhile and we know how they get along with other pets. We have tons of stainless steel pans and bowls. You can bring any blankets, chew toys you like. We feed Diamond food (included in price), or you may bring your own. Any medications would be extra. Must have proof of all vacinations: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella