Elmwood Group Homes & Services for IID Adults-East Campus - 218 & 220 Academy StreetGreen Springs, OH 44836.

Elmwood stands strong because of its rich history. In the early 1900s, Harry Gammeter, a utopian, believing that the whole world would be transformed into a paradise if people strongly believed in love, beauty, and respect of one's neighbor, founded the Elmwood Hotel and Resort, then known as Elmwood. "The Inn Beautiful" in Green Springs, Ohio.

At Elmwood we thrive on a profound sense of MISSION that drives our service, time, energy and dollars. This purpose gives unity, direction and motivation, defines what we will and will not do, and builds responsibility and accountability. Our statement of purpose is a mission that is acted upon every day, not merely words on a piece of paper soon to be forgotten. It is consistently referred to and acted upon. It simply states:

Elmwood Center Inc is a nursing home located in Green Springs, OH.